Why We Love Google (Trade Review)

If you read my blog post last week, Better Trade Setups While GOOGLing you will notice we talked about and reviewed GOOGL as a potential trade setup I liked. I knew based on how it was moving that I wanted to use an options strategy of selling premium in the weekly options. I wanted to sell premium in options that expired at the end of the week.

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Where Do You Get Your News?

Whether you are a technical or fundamental trader, you probably still want to keep a pulse on the economic news of the day. Over the last few weeks we have seen a number of moves in the markets as it has reacted to the news of Trump’s initiatives, earnings, FOMC, and military attacks.

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Better Trade Set Ups While GOOGLing

After earnings and seeing the stock pop up, many investors might be wondering what to do next with GOOGL?

GOOGL has been pushing higher since its recent earning announcement, after jumping up to the $900 range last month, it looks as though might be actually ready to take a breather.

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How Having Children Has Influenced My Trading

Trading gives you the ultimate flexibility to trade whenever you want to. Over the years, I was able to look at the market and place trades, but also be able to go for long runs (something I enjoy), be outside, travel (vacation in California and leave the cold weather behind), and basically enjoy a lifestyle doing the things I love the most.

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3 Tips to Trade a Volatile Market

With the recent market events, and continuing market uncertainty how can traders have exposure to the market to capitalize on big moves, while managing their risk? Here are 3 easy ways that an options traders can increase their chances for successful trades in a volatile market:

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