3 Myths About Risk

Any trader wants to find ways to lower risk and increase reward. A risk free trade is probably a holy grail that some traders aspire to attain but there are myths about risk that you should be aware of. Don’t get trapped by these ‘myths’ about trading risk…

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Is a ‘Call’ Just a ‘Call’?

Trading options allows the options trader the ability to trade many different ways. If one traders says they know how to trade a “call”, it doesn’t mean that another trader will trade a call the same way.

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Exiting a Call in Visa

In this video we discuss the reasons why we entered and exited a call in Visa in the live trading room

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Trading a Possible Reversal in PRGO

Stocks don’t move up or down for ever. Even a stock that is trending up or down will have times when it retraces or changes direction.

PRGO is a stock that in my opinion looks like it could be traded either to the downside or to the upside.

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Trading Rules for a Successful Transition To Trade A New Market or Trade Set Up

When a trader is looking for more trades, it can feel like there are so many trades out there, but they are just out of reach. I have some specific rules that I follow when I'm adding a new trade set up or new stock to my watch list. Here is how to know where to begin to add a new trade set up to your existing trade choices:

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